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Droopy nose surgery

I've always been worried. The droopiness of my nose tip wasn't that b

171223 2019-06-25 3

Revision rhinoplasty and revision facial contouring surgery.

After seeing the before and after photos and having a consultation wit

revision 2019-06-25 1


Someone got surgery done at Braun and recommend to me, so I got my nos

tan 2019-06-25 2

Facial contouring + Rhinoplasty

I thought my face is bumpy and my nose is low. So I got rhinoplasty an

seo 2019-06-24 6

Currently been 2 months since facial contouring surgery.

Hello, I got 3 procedures for facial contouring surgery. I was eager

dnf 2019-06-24 8


My nose was low and upturned so all my nicknames were related to nose.

may 2019-06-21 35

3D Rotation Lifting Zygoma Reduction

I got 3D Rotation Lifting Zygoma Reduction. I am living in a province

angk 2019-06-20 39

3D Rotation Lifting Zygoma Reduction

Hi, I got 3D rotation lifting zygoma reduction. My cheekbones weren't

AwesomeBraun 2019-06-20 34

Revision rhinoplasty at Braun

I got revision surgery. It is been 3 weeks now, the swelling subsided

9485 2019-06-20 37

3 procedures for facial contouring!!!

I finally got facial contouring surgery done that I thought for a long

LeeCH 2019-06-20 36

Inverted V Osteotomy review~

My face was long and had small cheekbones and wide chin. I didn't thin

Ho 2019-06-20 35

I became a different person after rhinoplasty!

My nose was low and wide. I was searching for the clinic and someone r

ektha 2019-06-20 35
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